Meet Lou Cooperhouse, President & CEO of BlueNalu. BlueNalu began when its co-founders first met in Hawaii to discuss an opportunity to create an innovative company that will transform the global seafood industry.  The beautiful state of Hawaii was the perfect setting for this meeting, as it is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet, located in the center of the Pacific Ocean, and nearly 2500 miles from any large landmass.  The company was created and quickly named BlueNalu. Nalu is a word of Hawaiian origin, and conveys the essence of the company: – As a noun, Nalu most commonly refers to the waves and surf of the Moana — the ocean. – As a verb, Nalu means meditate, ponder, contemplate. “Nalu it” is also street slang, for “go with the flow” but be mindful at the same time The company is excited to bring about a new “wave of thinking” – and a BlueNalu movement – that will provide a responsible solution to the global demand for seafood, and the significant environmental and sustainability issues that exist today.

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