Meet Erdem Erikçi, CTO of Biftek, the company that is producing an affordable growth medium to help culture/cell-based meat companies achieve price parity. Meat production is unfair, unhealthy, and unfriendly to the environment. The production of just one kilogram of meat requires 15,500 liters of water, 178 square meters of land, and 150mg of antibiotics. It also emits 300 kilograms of carbon dioxide! Cultured or cell-based meat companies provide a cruelty-free, sustainable, and scalable planet-friendly option. Achieving price parity at a commercial scale will require the use of affordable growth mediums like what Biftek has been able to produce. By using Biftek’s patent-pending, microorganism-based, natural, and cost-effective growth medium to grow muscle stem cells, instead of conventional (and cruel) Fetal-Bovine-Serum (FBS), companies can now save 90% of their cost for growth medium by switching to Biftek. Learn how Biftek is fuelling the smart protein revolution.

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