Meet Dr. Manik G. Hiranandani. He graduated in medicine, from the Armed forces medical college in Pune, India in 1980. This was followed by further training in Cardiology & Internal Medicine at Bombay University. Over the years he has traveled through many countries meeting and learning from exceptional doctors and healers who used a wide range of techniques to diagnose and treat people with a vast range of problems. He learned that each person is an individual and that he needed to personalize the treatment for each person so they could heal. He learned that correct nutrition individualized for each person was essential for healing and that removal of toxic waste materials from the body was also a pre-requisite for any effective treatment. He is a good diagnostician, so I am able to find and treat the causes of many complicated and chronic diseases. Once these causes are removed or reduced your body has a chance to heal. His treatment approach is both scientific and logical. It is based on finding out why you have your unique problems.

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