Some media pundits are calling it the “the most important documentary of our times” – Netflix’s documentary The Social Dilemma – explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations. Many credits the documentary for prompting the US Senate’s recent hearings where the leaders of three of the biggest tech companies in the world were quizzed. Hear from Randima Fernando, who along with Tristan Harris (both featured in the film) and Aza Raskin Co-founded the Center for Humane Technology, the organization dedicated to raising awareness and driving change through high-profile presentations to global leaders, public testimony to policymakers and heads of state, and mass media campaigns reaching millions. Working at the intersection of human nature, technology, and systems transformation, their goal is to shift the mindset from which persuasive technology systems are built and to use that process to support crucial parallel shifts in our larger economic and social systems. Subscribe to Pandemic Punditry on Facebook or YouTube to learn more.

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