From your car seat to the clothes on your back, the materials we interact with every day have a profound impact on the environment. Animal-based materials are linked to climate change, chemical waste, and resource depletion, and many current animal-product replacements are made from petroleum and don’t meet consumers’ needs. Consumers and companies alike are searching for sustainable solutions that are functional, fashionable, and cost-effective, but today’s options are few and far between. Technological innovation and untapped natural materials have the potential to transform the materials industry and solve the enormous environmental challenges it faces. Hear from Nicole Rawling & Stephanie Downs, the Co-Founders of the Material Innovation Initiative (MII), an organization dedicated to fast-tracking the introduction of sustainable materials to the marketplace by aligning critical players in the materials ecosystem and supporting innovation in materials science. This session is guaranteed to give you a unique and critical perspective on the Climate Change crisis! Subscribe to Pandemic Punditry’s YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook to get access to more amazing content from across the globe!

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