Meet Kai Yi Carrie Chan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Avant Meats, the Hong Kong-based start-up that uses fish cells to make cultivated seafood products, including fish maw and sea cucumber. It recently raised a $3.1M seed round. Avant held its first taste test of its fish maw product in November of 2019. Fish maw and sea cucumber are both considered delicacies in Chinese cuisine, and Avant’s decision to start with those is strategic in terms of attracting its target demographic: consumers in China and Hong Kong. There are environmental reasons, too. Fish maw is in such high demand the species is on the brink of extinction. In addition to the above delicacies, Avant has also debuted a prototype for Asia’s first cultivated fish fillet, which was recently featured in a cooking demonstration from Hong Kong culinary star Chef Eddy.

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