Join us for a delicious and mouth-watering session on plant-based meats. We are thrilled to feature Zhenmeats, Actual Veggies, and WTH Foods, three innovative companies that are disrupting the status quo in their respective markets. Meet Vince Lu, CEO at Zhen Meat, Jason Rosenbaum, Co-Founder at Actual Veggies, and Stephen Michael Co, Co-Founder & CEO at WTH Foods as they discuss their respective forays into the hottest and fastest space in food! Learn how Zhenmeat’s “5D-mimic technology” is able to produce pork tenderloin and crayfish for the Chinese market. In contrast to other companies looking to replicate the taste, look, and feel of meat using plant-based alternatives, Actual Veggies preserves the taste, look, and feel of its core ingredients – vegetables! WTH Foods help you recreate your favorite Filipino meat dishes. Bring your appetites!

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