Playlist - Putting the Planet on a Pandemic Diet

The evidence is overwhelming that unmitigated wildlife habitat destruction and expansive animal agriculture is at the root of most pandemics. The world can look forward to more pandemics and more lockdowns if we continue to destroy our planet. Meat and dairy alternatives now provide the same taste and nutrition as their meat and dairy counterparts. They do so with a substantially lower carbon footprint by using significantly less water, land, and other resources. In this panel discussion, we will explore how plant-based and cell-based food manufacturers, investors, thinktanks, marketing companies and activists plan to put the planet on a sustainable diet. We will explore the connections between the source of most pandemics and our diets. What business opportunities has this latest pandemic created for plant-based and cell-based meat and dairy companies? How do they plan to capitalize on those opportunities amidst a global recession? How are they planning to market their wares in a Pandemic World?

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