Why The Social Side of Customer Experience Is Critical Now More Than Ever with Frank Spillers

Frank Spillers is the founder of award-winning UX consultancy Experience Dynamics. He works with the world’s leading brands to deliver cutting-edge strategy for products, services, and experiences. His work focuses on competitive UX differentiation from an interface, to how organizations approach UX design and research. Starting out in the mid-’90s in VR usability, Spillers has consulted on 600 UX projects including enterprise web applications, mobile, products, and sites with conversion lifts up 83% and increases in revenue 200%. His work has transformed interfaces as well as organizational approaches to repeat UX success for Nike, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Logitech, and The World Bank. Hear Frank Spillers talk about future state journey maps that document the ideal or “dream” scenario for a user. Future state journey maps have never been more important in UX/CX efforts in a rapidly changing social media-driven world we and our customers live in!

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