Jason Marc Campbell is the host of the Impact at Work interview series and Superhumans at Work, a Mindvalley Podcast. He has a background in real estate investing, raising private money, online marketing, and sales. Every week Jason spends time learning and interviewing the best minds in productivity through the Superhumans at Work Podcast. He has gone into deep interviews with the likes of Nir Eyal, Cameron Herold, James Clear, Sam Carpenter, Dr. John Demartini and so many more. He has taken the stage around the world to share ideas on sales, productivity, and goal setting. He is also working on an upcoming book, “Selling with Love”, aimed to be released in December 2020. Jason has shared his productivity training with leading organizations inside the Worldblu membership and startups in San Francisco. The results are consistently the same: mastering your personal productivity leads to higher levels of trust and effectiveness inside organizations.

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